About us


Techfoliance AFRICA is a provider of FinTech insights and analysis. We partner with the best experts and entrepreneurs in the region to cover the latest trends in all topics related to Digital Banking, Payments, InsurTech, Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence.

Techfoliance is the knowledge unit of INVYO, a software company that has developed powerful analytical tools in the FinTech sector.

Our mission is simple: to bring market intelligence to the fast-changing sector of Fintech to help leading financial institutions identify new players and predict emerging trends, with big data and machine learning.


  • Akosua Annobil

    CEO AB2020 (GH)
  • Alexa Lielacher

    CEO BitcoinAfrica (UK)
  • Chloé Gueguen

    Fintech Expert (EG)
  • Colin D. Schouw

    CEO Fixer (SA)
  • Massata Niang

    CEO Yewou (SN)
  • Perseus Mlambo

    CEO Zazu (ZM)

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