Overview of the Chatbot FinTech Landscape


The end of the year 2016 is getting closer and chatbot is probably among the hottest topics right now. Tech giants and start-ups are launching their own bots in every sectors, from health to financial services.

Some say that 2017 will be the year of Artificial Intelligence, a market that could reach $47 Billion by 2020. Even if AI and chatbots related topics in the banking sector have mostly been buzzwords so far, we can’t deny the huge potential of these technologies for the industry.

Techfoliance is introducing you its list of the chatbots you must know in the banking sector:

Chatbots Fintech Landscape

Please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list. The industry is nascent and some more actors could be added to the list in the coming weeks.

Last update: 23 December 2016

Varo money

Varo money is a San Francisco-based chatbot that combines the best in money management and the best in banking to build a mobile banking experience evolved for today.


Trim is a San Francisco-based personal assistant that helps customers save money and cancel subscriptions, fight overdraft fees as well as negotiate bills. The service is 100% free.


Ernest is a London-based smart chatbot that helps with financial habits by answering clients’ questions and proactively giving you insights.


Bond is a New York-based chatbot that will help customers meet their financial goals in the shortest time. It’s revolutionary!


Wallet is a San Francisco-based chatbot that builds intelligent engines that analyze millions of pieces of data to help you make better financial decisions.


Active Intelligence is a Singapore-based platform that enables financial institutions to deliver their services using Intuition and Automation over channels of engagement.

Personetics anywhere

Personetics is a Tel-Aviv based chatbot that is Helping 15+m digital users of the world’s leading banks receive personalized, real-time, relevant guidance along the customer journey.


Digit is a San Francisco-based chatbot that checks your spending habits and removes a few dollars from your checking account if you can afford it.

Finie (by Clinc)

Finie is a Michigan-based chatbot that can be integrated into the banks’ mobile banking applications, acting as “a voice-activated intelligent personal assistant that is able to answer financial questions unique to each individual user, offer personalised spending advice, and fulfil any banking task”.


TalkBank is a Moscow-based chatbot that allows users to pay, transfer and split bills, as well as collect bonuses and converse with the bot about financial advice 24/7. It can tell users their balance and let them know about special deals available for them through their credit cards.


Dobot is a San Francisco-based free financial app that makes it easy for the client to save for the things that they care about. Whether the client is saving for his/her next vacation, a downpayment or literally anything else.


Plum is a London-based personal savings assistant that automagically saves money for the clients. The chatbot is developed by early transferwise employees.


Finn is a Vancouver-based white-label virtual banking assistant powered by artificial intelligence. The chatbot helps put a personal banker in every customer’s pocket.


Cleo is a London-based intelligent assistant that offers the simplest way to clients to manage their money. “It’s for people that would rather not spend a couple of hours every week in a spreadsheet trying to manage their cash”.


Chip is a London-based automatic savings app which does all the hard work to make saving money as easy as spending it. Chip automatically transfers small amounts of money from a current account into Chip’s savings account, every few days.

Coupy (by CouponHippo)

Coupy is an India-based coupon chatbot to help people save money without having to leave Facebook Messenger. Coupy will provide the user with a list of coupons according to their query and they can use those coupons to save money.


Abe is an Orlando-based conversational banking solutions for progressive community banks. Abe provides fast answers about finances. For complicated questions or concerns, customers can chat with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP ®).


Albert is a Los Angeles-based chatbot that connects to all of clients’ accounts, finds actionable ways to improve their financial health, and lets them act on the advice directly from the app.


Wally is a chatbot that lets you take control of your money, balance income and expenses, understand where the money goes and set and achieve financial goals.


Kasisto is a New York-based smart bots and virtual assistants for finance and commerce.

Bots (by Nerdwallet)

Nerdwallet is a San Francisco-based company that recently integrated a chatbot into their mobile app that collects clients’ personal goals and information before introducing them to a human financial advisor.

Bots (by Truebill)

Truebill is a San Francisco-based company that tracks and monitors clients’ paid subscriptions and cancels those they don’t want in a matter of seconds. This police bot helps users save $512 annually on the average.

Lucy (by Thinking Capital)

Thinking capital is a Montreal-based online lender for small businesses recently launched its fintech chatbot “Lucy” to enable business owners to instantly engage with Thinking Capital 24/7, starting on Facebook Messenger.

Erica (by Bank of America)

Bank of America recently launched its own chatbot named “Erica” to analyze customers’ personal financial data to generate recommendations for how to best handle their finances both via voice and text.

Lunar Way bot (by Lunar Way)

Lunar Way is a Denmark-based payment Fintech that will soon add its own chatbot to allow its customers find out basic banking information. It will give clients access to information from their Lunar Way account.


Circle is a Boston-based Fintech that recently launched its smart bots to help while clients use Circle to send & receive money instantly, with no fees.


Dyme is a San Francisco-based Fintech that develops a savings and engagement platform that re-imagines text message and chatbots for banking.

Please, feel free to add chatbots in the comments below that we may have missed !


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