30 Fintech Influencers you must know in Brazil


Techfoliance and I identified the 30 most popular Fintech influencers in Brazil. Here is what we found. 

Brazil is the most active country in Fintech in Latin America. With more than 200 start-ups in sectors ranging from payments to insurance, the country has become a major Fintech hub over the past years. More specifically, the city of São Paulo is the epicenter of the sector, where most start-ups, incumbents and investors are established and where top events such as Fintech Venture days, CIAB, São Paulo Fintech Summit or InnovationPay are held.

Fintech in Brazil: key figures

Brazil has one of the highest Fintech adoption rates in the world: ‘74% of bank customers adopted Fintech services’.

Nubank is the most funded Fintech start-up in the country and received almost $180 million since its launch in 2013.

As of today, Brazil has only half of its 200 million inhabitants online.

More than 55 million adults in Brazil still don’t have a bank account.

Mobile phone penetration is above 115% in the whole country.

More than 40% of the population remain excluded from traditional banking systems.

Top Fintech influencers in Brazil

We based our analysis on a series of metrics reflecting the engagement of each professional on the list in the Brazilian Fintech ecosystem, such as:

  • Professional achievements (founding / being a member of a Fintech company, having a relevant current role in the sector, attracting considerable amount of investments to one’s companies)
  • Participation in the Fintech community (organizing, hosting, speaking at or being a panelist at key events; being part of accelerators or associations fostering the development of the industry; being a thought leader in the sector)
  • Social media activity (having a relevant number of followers, sharing interesting content across different social media platforms)

Please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list. There are many more people currently contributing directly or indirectly to the Brazilian Fintech ecosystem.

Last update: 20 November 2016

1techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_bruno-dinizBruno DinizCo-founder at InnerCore Solutions | Fintech AdvisorFintechSão Paulo
2techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_fabricio-doreFabricio DoreExecutive Design Director at
McKinsey & Company | Community Manager at Fintech Brasil
FintechSão Paulo
3techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_sergio-furioSergio FurióFounder & CEO at BankFacilPersonal FinanceSão Paulo
4techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_sergei-terentevSergei TerentevFinTech & Payments Leader | EntrepreneurPaymentSão Paulo
5techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_alexandre-laraAlexandre LaraManaging Partner at Clay Innovation | Managing Partner at FintechLabFintechSão Paulo
6techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_bruno-gambierBruno GambierCTO at KitadoPaymentSão Paulo
7techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_denisse-cuellarDenisse CuellarFintech Specialist at Clay InnovationFintechSão Paulo
8techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_jose-prado-villela-dos-reisJosé Prado Villela dos ReisFounder at
Conexão Fintech
FintechSão Paulo
9techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_marcos-cavagnoliMarcos CavagnoliManaging Director at 4FINANCEPaymentSão Paulo
10techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_daniel-bentoDaniel BentoCo-Founder at Bravo3PaymentSão Paulo
11techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_marcelo-eiseleMarcelo EiselePartner at
Rnet Consulting | Co-Founder at Blockchain Academy
BlockchainSão Paulo
12techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_otto-bertanneOtto BertanneCo-Founder at Libor Fintech | CFO at
Asset ManagementSão Paulo
13techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_fabio-gonsalezFabio GonsalezPartner at Clay Innovation | FintechLabFintechSão Paulo
14techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_marcelo-bradaschiaMarcelo BradaschiaCo-founder at
Clay Innovation | Co-founder at FintechLab
FintechSão Paulo
15techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_fabio-silvaFabio SilvaFintech Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist & InnovatorFintechSão Paulo
16techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_thiago-alvarezThiago AlvarezFounder at GuiaBolsoPersonal FinanceSão Paulo
17techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_juliana-cunha-assadJuliana da Cunha AssadDirector at LCR Capital PartnersInvestmentSão Paulo
18techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_duarte-simoes-de-carvalhoDuarte Simões de CarvalhoGlobal Insurance FinTech Leader at EYInsurTechSão Paulo
19techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_fabiano-camperlingoFabiano Fialho CamperlingoCOO Brazil at SumUpPaymentSão Paulo
20techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_david-velezDavid VelezFounder and CEO at NubankPersonal FinanceSão Paulo
21techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_marcelo-maisonnaveMarcelo MaisonnaveCo-Founder at XP InvestimentosInvestmentSão Paulo
22techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_eldes-mattiuzzoEldes MattiuzoCo-Founder and CEO at Youse SegurosPersonal FinanceSão Paulo
23techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_igor-senraIgor SenraCEO at Moip PagamentosPaymentSão Paulo
24techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_joao-canhadaJoao CanhadaCEO at FoxbitBitcoinSão Paulo
25techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_marcelo-coelhoMarcelo CoelhoCountry Manager at MercadoPagoPaymentSão Paulo
26techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_milton-tavaresMilton Tavares NetoCo-Founder at KondutoSecuritySão Paulo
27techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_tom-canabarroTom CanabarroCo-Founder at KondutoSecuritySão Paulo
28techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_candice-pascoalCandice PascoalCo-Founder at KickanteCrowdfundingSão Paulo
29techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_vinicius-rovedaVinicius RovedaCo-Founder and CEO at ContaAzulAccountingSanta Catarina
30techfoliance_fintech-influencer-brazil_henrique-dubugrasHenrique DubugrasFounder at Pagar.mePaymentSão Paulo

Please, feel free to add influencers in the comments below that we may have missed !



  1. Please, take a look at Minuto Seguros. We are the leaders is the online brokerage insurance in Brazil. I am the founder and CEO. I am also the technology director of the brokers union tand coordinator of the insurance chapter of the Brazilian e-commerce chamber of commerce.

  2. You missed Bruno Balduccini from Pinheiro Neto Advogados! In terms of bank regulation towards fintechs, he is the major player. He’s worked for most of the rising next wave of fintechs in Brazil

  3. Hi guys, thank you for your suggestions!
    We will be soon publishing other articles about Fintech in Brazil – ecosystem, influencers, key companies.
    All suggestions are welcome – send your comments here or send me a LinkedIn message.

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