#CuriosiTech – Discover the 4 Fintechs of the week : BitPagos, Capital Float, OptioPay & Zwipe

CuriosiTech, fintech of the week_bitpagos capital float optiopay zwipe

Every week, Techfoliance reveals the most promising Fintechs in the world that will revolutionize the way we pay, invest or manage our money. In this week’s FinTech mapping we have : BitPagos, Capital Float, OptioPay and Zwipe.


Techfoliance_bitpagos_fintech argentina

BitPagos is an argentinian FinTech that allows merchants to be paid in Bitcoin. The start-up also develops tools for hotels to manage their reservations online. The main advantage for e-commerce platforms is to get access to a much wider client base and get the most out of the crypto-currency.

To be discovered : https://www.bitpagos.com/en/

Capital Float

Techfoliance_capital float_fintech india

Capital Float is an indian FinTech that allows SMEs to get access to capital loans in less than 72 hours. The start-up offers 2 main services : casual loans for e-sellers and factoring to help SMEs be paid more rapidly. It raised 25 million dollars last week. The service is available in more than 40 countries in India.

To be discovered : https://capitalfloat.com/


Techfoliance_optiopay_fintech germany

OptioPay is a german FinTech that allows customers to be rewarded for their loyalty toward their favorite brands. It is an online payment platform that converts payments into higher value gift cards. The platform benefits the merchants and its customers and is designed to be attractive and very easy to use.

To be discovered : http://www.optiopay.com/


Techfoliance_zwipe_fintech norway

Zwipe is a norwegian FinTech thats allows people to pay without requiring a PIN code or a password but with fingerprints. We’ve seen a lot of fingerprint services being launched on smartphones or tablettes, but this one is different. Everything can be made from the credit card that recognizes your fingerprint almost instantly.

To be discovered : http://www.zwipe.no/


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