Overview of the Winners of the BNP Paribas International Fintech Hackathon 2017


The biggest Fintech Hackathon was held by BNP Paribas in 10 cities across the world to disrupt more than 20 business units within the bank.

More than 160 start-ups competed during 3 days to create the bank of the future. Here are the ones that have been selected to move forward for the co-working phase with the french bank:


San Francisco

Saagie aims at bridging the gap between traditional IT and data science teams. The start-up helps large organisations to re-invent their business with agillity by leveraging Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Finspace is a cloud based financial data platform. The company makes it simple and secure for businesses to share financial data with banks, lenders and other financial partners. Their goal is to help businesses leverage their data to acquire financial services and products as easily as they buy everything else.


wiGroup is a mobile transaction solutions provider with two core offerings; “wiCode”, a point-of-sale integrated, open and interoperable, mobile transaction platform, and “wiBlox”, an advanced suite of services which link mobile applications to mobile loyalty, rewards, vouchers, coupons and analytics functionality.

Serious Factory differentiates itself in the professional training market by offering educational solutions based on the idea of Immersive Learning. Their editing software gives companies the opportunity to develop their employees’ skills by working on the phase which is often missing in traditional training programs: the practice.

Q°emotion is a professional solution based on AI to detect people’s emotions. Their SaaS platform provides emotional analytics & predictions to help companies improve Customer Experience, Loyalty and Employees Engagement.

Vizir.co is a sales and marketing chatbot software. The start-up helps companies build smart chatbots hosted on popular IM apps so they can reach their targets and sell more.

SPIXII is rethinking the way we interact with our insurance companies and banks. The company has developed a chatbot that engages with customers at every step of the buying process. Powered by behavioural science and neuroeconomics, SPIXII’s returning the heart to the world of brokers and bureaucracy.

Visiblee is the ultimate lead gen automation solution to boost your B2B website conversion.

Celestory allows you to create a personalized mobile and web app rapidly and easily without the need to code.

Botmind is a B2B chatbot provider that is developing a Deep Learning technology to let companies interact with their customers.


Manual.to is providing mobile manual technology to medium and large corporations, lowering their production costs and enhancing the customer user experience.

Smartbeam is a Construction-Tech startup lead by two Engineers who both come from the construction world. The company is Budget Estimating and Management Platform that centralises and streamlines the workflow from the preconstruction to the construction phase.

Kudujad.io is developing a new IoT platform which saves 80% of development time when launching a business which utilises IoT.

Smovin is a digital real estate assistant that helps landlords with the financial follow-up and administration of their tenants and properties.


Tetrao is a technology start-up company specialized in Internet intelligent process automation. Its mission is enabling connections between people and businesses radically faster in an efficient and cost-effective way.

SnapSwap‘s mission is to build innovative financial products that allow consumers and businesses to participate in the global economy by bringing down barriers such as cost, complexity, and processing delays.

Budget Insight is an AIS (Account Information Service) that allows its clients to connect their applications to the bank of their users. Budget Insight also offers a PFM solution (Personal Finance Management App) for banks and insurance companies.


BB Boyz has developed BNL Boon, a plateform that offers its clients personalized strategies to help them achieve their goals.

Mendua is a marketplace for leasing.

SpidChain is a young team of experts in the field of cryptography and development of software enterprise solutions.

Bankon VR is a SaaS-based video collaboration start-up with fun and disruptive products. Their solution is a multi-channel, multi-industry platform that makes it easy for all professionals to augment their consumer interactions with video collaboration.

GoSherpy is the new app for saving real money towards people’s dream goals.


Inspirient simplifies data analysis with artificial intelligence by automatically searching for insights in its clients’ business data.


Querona provides logical data warehouses, data virtualization and data analytics for agile BI. The company’s commitment to innovation resulted in development of software platform Querona™ that makes BI & Cloud & Big Data analytics work easier and faster.


Endeksa is Turkey’s independent real estate data center. The company provides all the required information users would like to get about the location of their houses. Users can also request an appraiser to visit their house to get the exact value.

Kiraplus is a leasing platform that makes real estate management and leasing transactions easier, faster and more reliable.


Shentilium specializes in Artificial intelligence and data driven analytics for financial and e-commerce industries.

Good Atlas is a team of local experts that act as your virtual assistant. Their multi-lingual operators can take care of your tasks that might be more easily fulfilled in the local language, taking some of the friction out of your daily life.


4Paradigm is pioneering machine learning software in China. Founded by ex-Baidu R&D engineers, the 4Paradigm team were early pioneers of Baidu’s AI driven keyword anticipation feature and soon after joined China’s leading incubator to launch 4Paradigm.

Zhuge IO is the next generation of data analytic service for cross platform applications. ZhuGe focuses on the predictive models rather than the post analytics models, which is more actionable for product managers and operation/marketing manager to get things done to improve their targeted KPI(self-defined metric).



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