Discover 5 important Fintech figures for the month of April 2016

fintech chiffres clés de la semaine tout connaître sur les fintechs chiffres marquants investissements évolution des fintechs
5 key figures in Fintech of the month

Each month, our team pick-up five figures about Fintech that you must know to better understand the magnitude of the disruption going on in the financial world. This month, we highlight Fintech in Mexico, total investment made in Fintech, Blockchain, Africa and robo-advisors :


In 2014, only 38 million dollars were invested in Fintechs in Mexico

In december 2015, Fintechs around the world have raised almost 1 billion dollars in 1 month

40 of the biggest banks in the world have joined the consortium R3CEV to deal with the Blockchain revolution

Interswitch, a start-up that develop payment solutions in South Africa, could become the first african unicorn valued at 1 billion dollars

According to Bank of America studies, robo-advisors’ market will be valued at 130 billion dollars up to 2020



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