5 key Fintech Figures for October 2016


Each month, our team pick-up five figures on Fintech that you must know to better understand the magnitude of the disruption going on in the financial world.

This month, we highlight India as a start-up nation, Fintech adoption in France, FCA regulation, Challenger Banks and millennials and Fintech:


India will be home to 10,500 start-ups by 2020 employing over 2,10,000 people and Fintech, Healthtech, Edutech, data analytics, B2B commerce and artificial intelligence will contribute the most.

In 2016, 72% of French people had never used a Fintech whereas almost 30% of them say they don’t trust their bank anymore.

The FCA regulates ~56,000 firms providing financial products and services to both UK and international customers.

Top 5 countries for Challenger Banks: UK (40), India (8), USA (5), France (4), Germany (3)

72% of millennials would be likely to bank with non-financial services companies with which they do business, compared to 27% for those over 55.



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