Top 20 FinTech Influencers on Social Media in Belgium


Techfoliance identified the most popular Fintech influencers on the social media in Belgium. The ranking has been made in partnership with Fintech Belgium.

We based our analysis on the klout score that calculates the influence of a person regarding Fintech topics in Belgium.

According to a recent study published by the consulting firm EY, Belgium appears to be an ‘unexpected ideal hub for Fintech‘. It is shown that Belgium has strong Fintech adoption from consumers, especially with payment solutions; it has a geographic advantage compared to its peers to scale to other markets, an entrepreneurial spirit with talented people and more money is being invested into Fintech companies.

Please find below an overview of the 20 most active people in Fintech in Belgium on the social media:

Please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, there are many more people that are contributing directly or indirectly to the Belgian Fintech ecosystem.

Last update: 26 October 2016

RankPictureNameRoleTwitter FollowersKlout ScoreChange
1techfoliance_geert-noels_fintech-influencer-belgiumGeert NoelsCo-founder at Econopolis62 900710
2techfoliance_koen-vanderhoydonk_fintech-influencer-belgiumKoen VanderhoydonkCo-founder at The Financial Think Tank15 600620
3techfoliance_bart-becks_fintech-influencer-belgiumBart BecksFounder at angel.me10 100620
4techfoliance_toon-vanagt_fintech-influencer-belgiumToon VanagtCo-founder at and Fintech Belgium6 895600
5techfoliance_vincent-vanderbeck_fintech-influencer-belgiumVincent VanderbeckDigital Entrepreneur820570
6techfoliance_eric-rodriguez_fintech-influencer-belgiumEric RodriguezCo-founder & CTO at data.be4 698540
7techfoliance_grietje-vermoortele_fintech-influencer-belgiumGrietje VermoorteleCustomer Experience at ING Belgium2 038540
8techfoliance_silvan-schumacher_fintech-influencer-belgiumSilvan SchumacherCo-founder & CEO at Swanest12 500530
9techfoliance_nicolas-bindels_fintech-influencer-belgium Nicolas BindelsCo-founder at Swanest13 500520
10techfoliance_edouard-estour_fintech-influencer-belgiumEdouard EstourCMO at Scaled Risk1 665520
11techfoliance_xavier-corman_fintech-influencer-belgiumXavier CormanCo-founder & CEO at edebex.com1 671510
12techfoliance_youri-tolstoy_fintech-influencer-belgiumYouri TolstoyCo-founder at Swanest14 300 500
13techfoliance_peteris-zilgalvis_fintech-influencer-belgiumPēteris ZilgalvisEuropean Commission1 680500
14techfoliance_damien-guermonprez_fintech-influencer-belgiumDamien GuermonprezCEO at Lemon Way and Business Angel1 270500
15techfoliance_raymond-frenken_fintech-influencer-belgiumRaymond FrenkenHead of Communications at European Banking Federation954490
16techfoliance_kris-vandenberk_fintech-influencer-belgiumKris VandenberkEarly-stage VC investor1 825480
17techfoliance_roderik-van-der-veer_fintech-influencer-belgiumRoderik van der VeerFounder Blockchain Vlaanderen1 260480
18techfoliance_dominique-droblewski_fintech-influencer-belgiumDominique WroblewskiCOO at Look&Fin4 409470
19techfoliance_fabian-vandenreydt_fintech-influencer-belgiumFabian VandenreydtGlobal Head of Securities Markets at Innotribe and The SWIFT Institute1 812470
20techfoliance_jurgen-ingels_fintech-influencer-belgiumJurgen IngelsManaging Director at Smartfin Capital1 044440

And because we strongly believe in FinTech diversity and the power of women in financial technologies, we would like to add few names of women who are contributing directly or indirectly to the Belgian Fintech ecosystem:

Please, feel free to add more women in the comments below!

About Fintech Belgium:

FinTech Belgium is the first and biggest community of Fintechers in Belgium gathering professionals, startup entrepreneurs and investors interested in disruptive business models and new technology for the financial industry. Quarterly fintech event are organized in Brussels with all Belgian members.


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