#CuriosiTech – Discover the 4 Fintechs of the week : ChangeJar, Conekta, Intiza and Carabao

CuriosiTech, fintech of the week_changejar conekta intiza carabao

Every week, Techfoliance reveals the most promising Fintechs in the world that will revolutionize the way we pay, invest or manage our money. In this week’s FinTech mapping we have : ChangeJar, Conekta, Intiza and Carabao.


Techfoliance_changejar_canada fintech mobile app

ChangeJar is a canadian-based FinTech app that takes the change from when you pay with cash, and puts it on your phone. The great thing with this mobile app is that you can spend the money or send it almost instantly to your friends. Perfect for those who don’t want to carry around coins.

To be discovered : http://www.changejar.com/


Techfoliance_conekta_mexico fintech API payment solution

Conekta is a mexican-based FinTech that provides payment services to merchants. It allows companies and developers to create their own payment solution with their own design and flow for any website and app. The start-up raised more than 2 million dollars from 5 investors since 2011.

To be discovered :  https://www.conekta.io/es


Intiza is an argentinian-based FinTech that provides a web-based solution to automate the invoicing and collection process so small businesses can get paid faster. The software is available in 13 countries in LATAM.

To be discovered : https://www.intiza.com/en


Techfoliance_carabao capital_financing SMEs singapour

Carabao is a Singapore-based FinTech that provides short-term working capital financing to SMEs to enable them to grow their sales. The start-up builds and operates fintech companies in emerging economies around the world.

To be discovered : http://www.carabaocapital.com/


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