Europe InsurTech Mapping Week #3: Kroodle, Laka, Clixx and Bolly


In our weekly InsurTech mapping, we’ve been analyzing four promising start-ups: Kroodle, Laka, Clixx and Bolly.



Kroodle is a Holland-based InsurTech that has created a solution to monitor the behaviour of individuals with connected devices and reward them with gifts and/or discounts when they decide to share that data with third parties.

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Laka is a London-based InsurTech that has launched a new generation of bicycle insurance based on a community of people. The concept is simple, cyclists can insure all kinds of bicycles ranging from £1,000 to £15,000 in total value to cover. The monthly amount paid by insurers will be based on how many claims there are in the community (with a cap applied by Laka).

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Clixx (by OHRA)

Clixx is a Holland-based InsurTech that was launched by OHRA to give customers the opportunity to insure a product for a short period of time. The start-up is assessing the risks associated with damaged goods when people borrow them.

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Brolly is a London-based Insurtech startup which is using cutting-edge AI technology to give customers control over their personal insurance. The mobile app let people manage and purchase various insurance products in a very easy way.

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