Brillant video that explains kids gender inequality in the financial sector


The video was published by the Finance Sector Union of Norway to denounce gender inequality in the financial sector.

A woman is asking two kids, one girl and one boy, to fulfill their own tube with pink balls for girls and blue balls for boys.

Once all balls have been collected by the two kids and allocated into the correct tube, the woman rewards both kids with candies. However, the boy is receiving more candies than the girl.

Interestingly, we can see that all kids feel confused on why do girls receive less candies than boys for the same “job”.

One boy is saying:

“She was just as good as me she should get the same reward, because otherwise it is unfair.”

Women working in the financial sector earn on average 20% less than men. The video ends by stating that “unequal pay is unacceptable in the eyes of children”, and continues by asking “Why should we accept this as adults?”



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