#VC – Overview of Newfund Fintech Matrix

VC investment fund Paris France Fintech startup
Newfund, a french VC fund located in Paris

Newfund is a french VC fund that have 120 million euros under management. With offices in San Francisco and Paris, it is among the most active investment funds in Fintech in France. As you can see below, all of its investments are made between the US and France. Ranked among the top 3 VC fund in Fintech in France, Newfund support the digital revolution in finance .

Up to date, the venture capital fund has invested in 8 Fintech companies splited in the following categories :

Below is a list of 8 fintech start-ups that communicated their fundraising to the public. Please be aware that Newfund may have invested in other Fintech but did not communicate on them.

vc newfund top 3 investment fundraising fintech matrix
Newfund, ranked among the top 3 VC funds in Fintech in France


Finaho – A french platform that allows companies to rent business equipments (softwares for example) without borrowing money from the bank.

[divider] Payment [/divider]

Limonetik – A payment solution that allow companies from the new economy to be paid on their platform (e-commerce, crowdfunding etc.).

[divider] Bitcoin [/divider]

Paymium – A platform to exchange bitcoin which allow companies to be paid in bitcoin.

Sabr – Atechnology that uses Blockchain to identify and locate criminal activities.

[divider] Investment [/divider]

iBillionaire – A platform that allows people to follow the investment strategies of the greatest investors of all time.

TradeIt – A mobile app that allows people to invest in stocks directly from their phone.

[divider] Other [/divider]

Joxko – A service that allows people to send phone credits to their friends and family from everywhere.

Beyond ratings – A financial service company that provides tailored services and analysis on emerging risks such as climate or energy risks to allow its clients to anticipate market trends.

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    • Dear François,

      Thanks for this update and congrats for your investment !

      For what we understood about Beyond Ratings, their technology allow them to provide their clients with analytics and scoring about climate or energy risks in order to help them take better investment decisions.

      Because the data is collected through complex algorithms and because they have worked on a powerful online platform for their clients, we could indeed say that Beyond ratings is a Fintech company. We characterize Fintech as a new way to use technologies to simply sophisticated processes (whether it is a lending platform or a Robo-advisor) and make them accessible to individuals or companies.

      Very glad to add this company to your existing Fintech Matrix.

      Feel free to send us directly your updates through the contact form to communicate on your future Fintech investments ! 😉


      Techfoliance team


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