Discover the best Bank + Fintech 2019 love stories with EFMA


Join Invyo Insights at the Bank + FinTech 2019 organized by EFMA on 2-3rd April 2019 in Barcelona, Spain.

Bank + FinTech 2019 is organized by EFMA, the global and largest network of banks in the world (more than 3000 financial institutions are members, chaired by Citi), that facilitates connections among decision-makers in the financial services ecosystem (bankers, insurers, Fintech, regtech…).

Bank + FinTech At a Glance

Bank + FinTech selected for you the crème de la crème couples Bank + Fintechs, who will share their practices to inspire and allow you to benchmark yourself.

You can see few other speakers here:

  • Benoit Legrand, Chief Innovation Officer & CEO at ING
  • Laurent Herbillon, Director Open Innovation at BNP Paribas
  • Fernando Lardies, Head of Network Banking at Banco Santander
  • Elias Ghanem, VP FinTech at Capgemini


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Why you should come?

Banks and Fintechs that seized the strategic importance of collaboration will be presenting their successful partnership stories and how they complement each other:

The conferences will be conducted around key topics such as:

  • Who will ultimately take the lead in the banks/Fintech dance?
  • Can banks convincingly demonstrate the appropriate technical savvy to their customers that can effectively differentiate them in a crowded marketplace?
  • What roles will legacy financial technology providers eventually play as smaller and more nimble competitors continue to proliferate?
  • Will there finally be a capabilities convergence of banks and fintech that meaningfully and positively impacts their respective businesses?

See agenda for full event details

Invyo Insights is glad to come to this event as a media partner. We will forward you with daily live news so that you can follow the best of Bank + FinTech if you did not have the chance to come directly to Barcelona to attend the event.


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