#CuriosiTech – Discover the 4 Fintechs of the week : Finrise, TerraPay, BanQu and Enigma

CuriosiTech, best fintech of the week_finrise terrapay banqu enigma

Every week, Techfoliance reveals the most promising Fintechs in the world that will revolutionize the way we pay, invest or manage our money. In this week’s FinTech mapping we have : Finrise, TerraPay, BanQu and Enigma.


Techfoliance_finrise_best fintech of the week

Finrise is a US-based FinTech that develops a payment solutions to simplify the way patients pay for healthcare. The mobile app is secure and allows people to pay in flexible terms. It offers 3 products : veterinary, dental and audiology.

To be discovered : https://finrise.com/


Techfoliance_terrapay_best fintech of the week

TerraPay is an Amsterdam-based FinTech that provides a global mobile-first payments service that allows anyone, anywhere, to send money to a mobile number instantly. The start-up interconnects financial services providers to create a “one network” for secure and seamless transnational movement of funds.

To be discovered : http://terrapay.com/


Techfoliance_banqu_best fintech of the week

BanqQu is a US-based FinTech that develops a universal platform to provide the 2.5 billion unbanked people with an economic identity in terms of credit history, property rights, assets, aid-data etc. The technology is working with the Somali diaspora and soon with other countries such as Ethiopia or Mexico.

To be discovered: http://www.banquapp.com/


Enigma is a New York based FinTech that develops powerful tools to analyze huge volume of data, whether it is private or public data. The start-up already raised more than 34 million dollars since it was created in 2011.

To be discovered : http://enigma.io/


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