Europe InsurTech Mapping Week #2: Coya, Bima, Coverfy and Qover


In our weekly InsurTech mapping, we’ve been analyzing four promising start-ups: Coya, Bima, Coverfy and Qover.


Coya is a Berlin-based InsurTech that has developed an AI risk guardian to offer scalable protection to its customers. It has designed an insurance cover from scratch to be simple to use, transparent and personalized. The start-up raised $10 million last August 2017.

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Bima is a Stockholm-based InsurTech that has created a mobile-only insurance and health services for low-income families. More than 30 million customers already applied in 14 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. The start-up raised $16.8 million last April 2017.

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Coverfy is a Barcelona-based InsurTech that has developed a mobile platform to let people manage their insurance products. The solution also compare between other products on the market so that people can apply to the best offer. The start-up raised €3.5 million last October 2017.

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Qoover is a Belgium-based Insurtech that provides “Insurance As A Service” allowing any business to integrate proprietary insurance products from their library via open API’s.

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