Mapping of the 20 must-know Fintech Influencers in Argentina


Techfoliance is introducing you its list of the 20 must-know Fintech influencers in Argentina. Among them are popular entrepreneurs, Fintech experts and innovation leaders. 

Top Fintech influencers in Argentina

We based our analysis on a series of metrics reflecting the engagement of each professional on the list in the Argentinian Fintech ecosystem, such as:

  • Professional achievements (founding / being a member of a Fintech company, having a relevant current role in the sector, attracting considerable amount of investments to one’s companies)
  • Participation in the Fintech community (organizing, hosting, speaking at or being a panelist at key events; being part of accelerators or associations fostering the development of the industry; being a thought leader in the sector)
  • Social media activity (having a relevant number of followers, sharing interesting content across different social media platforms)

Please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list neither a ranking. It is the first update of a more established list. There are many more people currently contributing directly or indirectly to the Argentinian Fintech ecosystem. 

Last update: 20 September 2017

1Alejandro EstradaCo-founder at iBillionaire & Moni and co-founder at ArFintechMobile BankingBuenos Aires
2Ariel ArrietaCo-founder and Managing Partner at NXTP LabsFintechBuenos Aires
3Alejandro CosentinoFounder & CEO at AfluentaP2P LendingBuenos Aires
4Martin BorchardtCEO & Founder at NubiBankingBuenos Aires
5Federico Gómez RomeroCEO & Co-Founder en CredilityLendingBuenos Aires
6Nicolás Andrés Galarza RicciCEO at QuienaRobo-advisorBuenos Aires
7Jorrit Koop Co-Founder at First CircleLendingBuenos Aires
8Sebastian serranoCo-founder & CEO at BitPagosBitcoinBuenos Aires
9Facundo GarretónFounder & CEO at InvertirOnline.comTradingBuenos Aires
10Gonzalo BloussonCo-Founder / CEO at SignaturaBlockchainBuenos Aires
11Clementina Giraldo Z.Principal Executive at the Development Bank of Latin AmericaFintechBuenos Aires
12Alan Mac CarthyFintech specialistDigital BankingBuenos Aires
13German GimenezCEO & Co-Founder Olpays.comPaymentsBuenos Aires
14Pablo SukmannCEO at EmprestifyLendingBuenos Aires
15Lucas JuriBusiness Consultant & Strategy AdvisorFintechBuenos Aires
16Diego Gutiérrez ZaldívarCo-founder & CEO at Koibanx and Rsk LabsBlockchainBuenos Aires
17Santiago Pinto EscalierCo-Founder at MotormaxInvestmentBuenos Aires
18Pablo RuizHead of Sales at SysWorld, Managing partner at DISR - Innovacion disruptive and Director at NXTP LabsBlockchainBuenos Aires
19Eduardo Del PinoCEO at Bitex.laBitcoinBuenos Aires
20María Gabriela Roberto BaróInnovation Team at Banco Comafi and Co-founder at KardytDigital BankingBuenos Aires


    • Hi FinTech World,

      Thank you for your comment.

      But we have to disagree with you:

      1/ Marcos Galperin is a pioneer and leader in e-commerce, not in FinTech properly. We agree that is set to become a leading player in Argentina but we see Marcos Galperin as more of a Tech influencer rather than pure FinTech.

      2/ Wences Casares has spent most of his career in Palo Alto so it is hard to include him in a list focusing on Argentina. Nevertheless, he is undoubtely a great mind with his amazing achievement at PayPal, Kiva or Lemon Wallet.

      What’s your bet? We like to be challenged…


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